Wednesday, October 26, 2016

FB Messanger....Me And My Bestie....

Today my bestie Kerri, who lives half way across Canada from me, was anxious for me to check my snail mail as I chatted on FB messenger on my phone app. I was multitasking watching a You Tube lecture which I could stop at any time (roomy's cat Koshka was on the pillow on my lap and also watching and learning about Mindfulness and Buddhism) is how our conversation went:

Kerri: Have you checked your mail?

I was the government sending me some money today (forgetting that I get direct deposit)? Then I remembered Halloween is coming up next week and Kerri is so sweet at remembering to send me snail mail cards at many occasions while get a kick out of sending e-cards.

Me: You sent me something? Koshka (roomy's cat) is sitting on me (and I'm in the midddle of a buddhist lecture on You Tube) ....will have to wait.

Kerri: No! Go check!!! Dammit!

Ever the dramatic...

Me; LOL! She (Koshka) doesn't stay long.

Kerri: Whatever....

Me: Also my hot chocolate is cooling down and is out of reach (hoping for sympathy)

Kerri: I'm shaking my head!

Me: She's purring

Kerri: Bah!

Me: She's leaving soon

As Koshka stood up, accepted more belly rubs and continued to purr.

Kerri: Not soon enough!!!

Finally I run upstairs to my apt mail slots and see if I have mail....

Me: That's so adorable!!!

Kerri: Finally!!!

I go back to my video and then come back to my phone and FB.

Me: Thank you!!!

Kerri: For what?

Me: For the card

Kerri: Yay!!! Your welcome!!!

I love my bestie, LOL!!!